Wednesday, January 26, 2011

the end of organic milk?

If corporate giant Monsanto has their way, there will soon be GMO alfalfa available. Hearing this, you might be thinking "but I don't eat alfalfa, so what's the fuss?" The fuss is that nearly every cow you have ever enjoyed a milk product from eats alfalfa. If GMO alfalfa hits the market, it will spell the end of organic cow milk as we know it. Let this sink in: organic milk from cows will not be around much longer. I say this because GMO corn is entrenched in our lives now and it makes it nearly impossible to guarantee that the organic corn you strive to find and eat will continue to be. Same for soybeans. Please, please, PLEASE take a moment to consider that your voice is important on this matter. Then follow this link (click on the word "link" or cut and paste the whole thing down below) and send a message to our brilliant government about how they should not allow GMO alfalfa to be authorized for use. Do it now. Or start counting the days until organic milk is no longer an option.......

Sorry for the political rant, but I love my organic milk products. And I hope you do too!