Wednesday, April 01, 2009

ferment change

Ever wanted to know more about urban agriculture?

Do you like fermented food and drink?

Wanna help out the most amazing non-profit ever?

Well, tie it all together and race on down to the Humanist Hall this Friday the 3rd for an experience that will leave your mind full, your taste buds delighted, and your contact list swollen with folks who practice urban agriculture, advocate for food justice, and work with putting backyard gardens into homes in West Oakland. Or hey, if just wanna talk to someone who practices the ancient craft of fermentation, come on down. Oh, and if you bring a fermented food to share, you could win a prize. Last year's event was a hit, and this year's promises to be even bigger, with satellite events throughout April (Check for updates at the blog).

See you there!

(Talk to me at the event, tell me what the hell is going on in the photo above and receive a bread related prize!)


Kimberly said...

Is that Ian???
I know where but don't spoil it!
Hugs, Mom

Monkey Wrangler said...

You got it Ma!