Friday, July 25, 2008

blog eat blog world

Right now, I'm blushing, so thank you Mimi and Kat for causing this current affliction.

Luckily I have a beard and it will go unnoticed by the general public, but my kids know something's up. I went on and explained to them that I feel very happy when my friends in the blogosphere reach out and give me a cyber-hug. I told them how it makes me feel reassured (okay, I might have said "get the warm-fuzzies") when someone tells me that they appreciate me for just who I yam. For me, this jives right in with one of my lifelong lessons; meaning it's time to step up and say thanks.

Thank you dear readers, whoever you may be. I deeply appreciate that you take the time to drop by and have a peek. It encourages me to keep it up. I started this blog nearly two years ago to document the food that was occasionally good, the family life that is always getting better, and to force myself to sit down and write a little something. You see, I've never considered myself a good writer and so I've never taken the time to practice. Deep down, I'm probably one of those people who doesn't consider doing something unless I suspect I'll be good at. Maybe you are this way too. Well, so, with writing this means that way back in High School when a particular english teacher flat out told me that my writing was horrible, I believed her. So why ever practice? Well, it turns out that it is immensely gratifying. Even if you suck.

I can't wait to sit down and write most of the time, but with two kids at my feet it can be impossible to get around to downloading the noise in my head, let alone go ahead and hand the awards that my friends here have bestowed upon me, on to others. And honestly, I haven't been reading more than about 5 entries a week, so I wouldn't know where to start. Often, anything blog related has to wait, and lately this has seemed to be on the order of a week. My ideas stew, getting overcooked (as one might suspect if you tried to really cook a stew for 7 days or longer), leaving me with mushy, bland, oh man we should really experiment with a different voice, kind of post. Or so it can feel. Other times, an idea hits me and it gets uncorked within an hour, usually late at night when I should really be sleeping. But the effect is the same, being that a feeling, recipe, observation, or maybe all three get preserved for a later day and shared with whoever wants to drop by and check it out.

So, thank you, you. Please keep dropping by. If you get the chance and have a moment, say hi. It might take me a week to respond sometimes, but usually I get back to a comment eventually. If you go so far as to give me an award or something, I'll just have to maybe go out and get myself a beer as a little congratulations........(please?)



K and S said...

very well deserved! and you are a great writer! keep up the good work (both at home and on the blog) :)

Rev. Biggles said...

Yeah, you totally don't suck. Neat, eh? If you don't mind getting bacon fat on you, I'll give ya a hug!


Monkey Wrangler said...

Kat: Thank you once again. I'll keep it up.

And that cherry thing: it was my understanding that the corals were a variety of bing, but I'll have to do some sleuthing (wait, can you do that to fruit?)

Biggs: Thanks big red bro'. I'll take a greasy hug any day!

Chilebrown said...

We saw you today as you were walking to the market. We were leaving in our Hooptie. I yelled at you, but you could not hear us over the beat box of 'Freebird' full blast. Damn, You are looking more and more like Jesus!

Monkey Wrangler said...

Chile: Moi?

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