Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I don't know what I'm gonna do at today's market. I guess I'll have to spend some paper bills since I'm all out of money.

Last week I had the time and foresight to bake up some money and run the muffin money experiment again. With gas prices though the roof, and the economy hurting nearly everyone's pocketbook, I wanted to see if I could get by using just dough. This time I stuffed the wallet with two kinds: fluffy all white, and blue cornmeal bliss. About every other week, for over a year and a half now, I've showed up with some muffins, but more like 6-10 of them that I give to a few folks, or maybe trade a bit here and there. Last week though, with stuffed wallet, I rolled up to the market on my bike as usual, then unloaded before I got mugged by someone looking to take my hard griddled cash. Because, by stuffed, I mean somewhere around 30.

Good thing I brought so much because I gave away at least 8-10 of them before I got any shopping done. I needed tofu and cheese or there would be mutiny at home. I wanted some nice heirlooms for the salad greens we started harvesting, and I wanted another squash variety besides the patty pans in my yard. The torpedo onions are just downright fun, and as far as I'm concerned one of the best deals. I learned this year, if you let them get all sprouty on the kitchen counter, just chuck 'em outside and bury them a bit. Next thing you know you have your own growing outside your window. It's like buying veggies that will never spoil.

Well, gotta keep it short and ride over to the ATM on the way to the market this week!

(Hmmmm, in case the funds are low, maybe I should take a minute to feed the sourdough, so I'm not totally broke at the end of the week.........)


K and S said...

that is what I did with cherry tomatoes :) how is your corn this year?

Shalisa said...

I just want to say, I've been enjoying your blog. We discovered it months ago when we got into sourdough baking. I was intriqued with "muffin money". Don't think it will work at my small town market, but my friends don't seem to mind any of my overflow :)

Monkey Wrangler said...

Kat: No corn this year. Too much work for the risks of ants, aphids and bastards with shears and shopping bags who walk by.

So, dId you put the cherries into pots? This year, for me they are everywhere. Apparently I've moved around a lot of soil and replanted a number of items because I have volunteer cherry tomatoes popping up in at least half-dozen pots and even more places in and around the raised bed from last year......I'm thinking about a post titled "a pint a day."

Shalisa: Hello and thanks for dropping by to say hi. So, have you given out the overflow at your lil' market? Maybe you need to build the demand and then start bringing them for trading. For me, the real fun is using them as money. That way, when people ask if I get paid for being a stay at home parent, I can say, nope, but I do make a little money now and then.

Keep baking!

K and S said...

yes, I put them into pots, MW :) not too big this year, but I see flowers, so I should be getting tomatoes soon...hopefully before summer is over...