Tuesday, February 10, 2009

for the love of purple

My first purple cauliflower!

I was giving the plants a look see to determine my next course of action against recent, rampant aphid infestation. Apparently, during the previous week while all was sunny and warm the aphid wranglers (ants) were busily placing their minions all over the tenderest parts of just about anything I've planted. Despite the odds, staring up at me was this beauty. It seemed to pop up overnight.

Before any of the two legged garden pests could run off with my produce, I hacked it off with thoughts of my own dinner, but was beat to the table by a creature with far less neurons. I suppose we all gotta eat, and if I have tempting items in my front yard, critters are bound to notice. A plan was hatched. With the help of the eldest monkey, we placed it in a jar with some treats it apparently enjoys, and brought it inside in order to "protect it from predators daddy."

I checked my recent sauerkraut experiment, and admiring it's deep purple hue, decided that a purple beer would really "tie it all together." I mean, hey, it is sf beer week and all, so somehow cracking a blueberry hefeweizen seemed just the right thing. Maybe you had to be there. Or rather, here.

So, I sipped one ferment, tamped down the contents of another and contemplated our captives. That's right, two. Because little eagle eyes spotted another and made sure it made it into the jar too. Now, we feed our captives more brassica, protect them from predators, and hopefully watch 'em go through their own ferment of a sort and become something totally different.


K and S said...

love the color of the cauliflower and the beer :)

doyle said...

Oh, my! Beer! Purple! Cauliflower! Beer! Purple!

I am a yeast farmer.

And I am really glad I stumbled on here (via Jessica Pierce's spidercamp.com).

Alisa@Foodista said...

Oh wow! That one is a beauty!

Monkey Wrangler said...

Kat: Thanks! Who can go wrong with purple, huh?

Doyle: Nice of you to drop by. I'd love to hear more about your farming techniques......

Alisa: Thanks! Maybe I'll get to eat the next one without creative selection of parts.

Rev. Biggles said...

Dang, I had no idea that food actually grew IN the ground. Just though it wandered around ON it.