Monday, August 28, 2006

And on the 15th day, God and cookies?

Are there any monkeys out there who don't like making their own pizza? Our's loves it, but it takes a little oversight to keep the spatula from being licked between applications of sauce, or from keeping the select toppings from going IN the pie-hole and not ON the pie.

The ingredients were as follows: Whole wheat pizza dough (sourdough of course), kalamata olives, artichoke hearts, carmelized onions, yellow and red cherry tomatoes, sauce (tomato paste, onions, italian herbs, s&p,) mozzarella and jack cheeses.

Assembled, they were ready to go in the oven at 450 for almost 20 minutes. While the pizza was cooking, the monkey, H, myself and Aunty enjoyed a bowl of the delicious soup that H made. It was big and hearty, with all sorts of yummy veggies and a little wine. We managed to do something with the rest of the wine that didn't go in the soup, cause hey, that stuff goes bad quickly huh?

They didn't look too much different when they came out, but still, it was an effort to let them cool for a second on the rack without burning the be-jesus out of the roof of your mouth.

Throughout the day, we had been sampling the latest round of Nana's Anise Cookies, with a twist. Hard to tell from the picture, so maybe the secret will stay safe with whoever tasted them that day. All I can say is, when I talked to Aunty first thing in the morning, I announced that I had success tweaking the biscotti recipe and thus today would be remembered for the rest of her life. Now they are just about guilt free and will have to be made with greater frequency, something like, hey today is the fourth sunday of the month........let's make biscotti!

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Anonymous said...

Little brother, these truly are the BEST cookies I have ever had, vegan or not (although H's vegan chocochip cookies are a close second). LOVE YOU for this amazing recipe, and many other things, food related and beyond :)

Yo Sistah