Tuesday, August 15, 2006

breakfast of champions with a side of purple pesto

So this is how that loaf came out. I attempted some sort of wheat-stalk design in the top right before putting in the oven, but the top had dried a touch in the final rise, making the lame pull at the surface during cutting. This was nowhere near precision cutting considering the tool used, but the bread rose sufficiently to deliver a noticible pattern (maybe not in the picture.) This is what I had for dessert last night (warm, with butter) and breakfast this morning (toasted, with butter.) God I love fresh sourdough.

The monkey and I ran over to Monterey Market and had a look at their fresh herb display to be inspired and come up with something for dinner. I have been interested in making some sort of savory bread pudding with the leftovers we have around. Around a month ago I had a savory bread pudding with some soft gooey cheese and leeks in it and it was pretty freakin' fantastic. Then my mom gave me a recipe for something called Saturday Summer Strata by Cheryl and Bill Jamison and I thought, hmm.... first I EAT a delicious savory pudding, then I get a RECIPE, now I must MAKE one. It was with this in mind, a request for some good tubers, and a small list of essentials needed, that we made it through my favorite place for everyday produce.

I'll take some of those chives and sage for a soup tomorrow, and some of that beautiful purple basil for some fresh pesto, we've an idea for that one there, and maybe a few kafir lime leaves for playing with something Thai inspired later on this week...

Mmmmm. The makings for a purple pesto. This will be to layer in some savory bread pudding goodness...I sense that something along the lines of that Strata will be in order tonight.

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