Saturday, August 19, 2006

opium bialys

Please excuse the quality of this picture. My knee was KILL-ING and I just didn't have the patience to take more.

I went for a lovely bike ride this morning, however about 4 miles into it, I ate it. "Wow this old road bed is great! Hey looks like its turning to gravel up ahead but still looks smooth and undulating, cool! (Suddenly) Is that a gully cutting perpendicular to my path? Oh crap! (brakes, hard.) Yeah I'm slowing down, looks like I'll stop in time......NOOOOO!," (loose gravel for the 10-15 feet before the gully, and a change in pitch=I start skidding and begin to go over handlebars.) Somehow I landed on my feet with the majority of by bike behind me, before my momentum and loose footing did me in. I found myself saying aloud "I'm ok....I think" even with no one around. Ow. Left knee abraded and bloody in places, and going to be very bruised from impact. Left shoulder also abraded some (thank you shirt, or probably it would look like my knee.) I hobbled around some, contemplated calling H for a ride, then realized I would have to go at least a mile in either direction in order to rendezvous for a pick-up. I went back to my bike, it looked in working order thankfully, and decided that I should just keep going and not let anything like pain or fear of further abrasion stop me (I did ride slower, and after some of the grit in my knee fell out after more riding, I took out the first aid kit and did up a nice field dressing.)

So, yesterday we were at Grandma's and we made another one of those savory bread puddings. It looked much like one from earlier in the week and tasted pretty good too. My mom said she would like to make one for her sister when she is over, but said that she doesn't just have great sourdough leftovers laying around the house for such use. "Hey, the Monkey is staying with you tonight, the least I could do is make you some bread!" (That's right, we went on a date last night.) So why am I writing all this? Well, the dough I made this morning was white and fluffy, and quite large when it came time for the final punch down and shaping, so I trimmed it a little. Made a few crusts for some bialys. Carmelized an onion, added a ton of poppy seeds (praying that the opiates would aid the knee) spread it on top of the crusts and baked em at 400 for 20 minutes. Damn they were good. Nice sour flavor on the crust, and sweet-tangy-nuttiness on the spread. Mmmmm. Think I'll have another.

Wow, now I'm craving another one.....wait a second, are these things addictive?

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